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Christmas Wreath Making and Decorating Workshops

As we near the end of September summer is definitely over and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas activities and workshops.

it may seem early but most companies have to start planning now for their corporate Christmas events and parties. In fact we have already been contacted by several corporate clients to organise a festive wreath making workshop in their offices in Central London.

Wreath making workshops can be a great way to for a company to foster team building and show appreciation to their employees at this special time of the year.

You can chose a date and time and we will organise the rest. We bring all the materials and supplies to make a beautiful and natural looking pine based Christmas wreath. This includes pine cones, cinnamon, dried fruits and flowers, mixed foliage and ribbon in our signature Skandi inspired style which is heavily influenced by nature and botanicals.

We provide instruction and tips on how to decorate the wreath and you get a festive ribbon and bag to take it home with.

Although we are based in Clerkenwell and Chancery Lane we can hold your wreath making workshop anywhre in Central London. Just give us a call or send an email with your details.